Check out these lovely words from a current student: I signed up for Michelle’s Sensual Yoga workshop with joyful determination and a bit of trepidation. I knew I needed it, but I thought it might be hard for me. For all sorts of reasons I’d been feeling radically disconnected from my body and from the parts of myself that are most joyful. But I knew that this class would help me. And it did. I loved the intimacy and safety created amongst the group; I loved the raucous, sexy, music. It was immensely freeing to be guided into my body, to be encouraged to feel and to get some blessed relief from being so insanely in my head. I didn’t have to work for this—or at least I didn’t feel like I had to work. I felt like I could show up and that Michelle had created a framework, an energetic space, a carefully crafted set of poses, and a fabulous playlist that I could just step into, enjoy, and leave refreshed. I felt imaginative after class, much more interested and in touch with myself. The workshop was a wonderful gift. — N.E.