Just a few weeks ago I went to a rock concert with some of my favorite girlfriends…mind you I am a decade older than the youngest of these women.  We all got carded, and the bouncer checking my ID stared at it for what felt to me like an eternity.  I started to go into my fear, “OMG, I’m so old he can’t even do the math!”   I felt my anger and self righteousness puff up – ready to defend or attack. “Yes, I’m 45 and ancient.”  As I opened my mouth to blast him he said very appreciatively and respectfully, “Looking Good, Mama!”.  I melted.  I giggled and soaked up the sweetness of being seen as an attractive “40-Something” woman.  I was able to take this in as a complement because I have learned to appreciate my femininity as power.  I used to dismiss men who admired me on the street, and tried to have relationships with “safe” pony-tailed yoga boys.  I’d rage at the yoga boys for not being masculine enough and flip off the men on the street for expressing their masculinity…I was angry and didn’t feel empowered. No one was taking my power, I was handing it over unconsciously.

This is the gift I want to share with all of you:  strength from feeling a deeper sense of self respect and true self knowledge; pleasure in understanding how vulnerability and power are linked. When we fully own and express our sensuality, we take off inhibitions, shame, guilt, fear, ignorance, and narrow definitions of beauty or sexiness. Our female sensuality is intimately connected to our creativity, our ability to give birth, to give life on all levels. That is true power.

I want to encourage you to sign up for Sensual Yoga or Shakti Shop and ask your friends to join you.  I will create the safe and empowering space for transformation and a rockin’ good time!  

Come let your hair down, and enjoy a fun yoga flow to great music!