Ladies, are you part of a tribe? I thrill at inspiring the women I love to come together for common good and empowerment. In undergrad at Dartmouth College, I created a collective Women’s Theatre Company called “The Untamed Shrews”. We brought pertinent women’s issues to the forefront in our provocative traveling theatre. At the time, women barely made 40% of the student body; times have changed and the issues are surely different yet I understand that the “Shrews” are still performing on campus!

Today in my Sensual Yoga classes and ongoing workshops, I create a safe space for women to play and share their stories. I’ve found that my most powerful connections, ideas and aha moments come when I go inside. I close my eyes and practice a moving meditation and follow the desires of my physical body. I dive deeper into who I am by seeking out what I’m feeling.

Sensual Yoga Leadership training has been in gestation for years now, and I’m so excited to finally be bringing this out into the world.  A powerful blend of what I most love and hold dear:  women’s empowerment, yoga and great music.  This three day training will be an amazingly fun journey unlike any other yoga training.  Every day will start with a powerful sensual yoga practice followed by a diverse range of practices and training exercises I’ve personally designed to help women get to know themselves in a new way. I’ve taken the best of many different teachings and distilled them into what I feel is most essential for being our most authentic feminine self. 

We lead by example, and you will use the gifts of this training in anything you do in the world. Learn to create a safe space for women to relax and go deep into their own movement and sensuality; use music to elicit and experience emotions and move them in a way that creates healing;  find out what type of leader you are so you can better access your personal gift for leadership.  Connect your emotions to our body, EM-Body, so you can relax and begin to feel your innate feminine power.  Take time away from your busy schedule to get to know yourself in a whole new way. Set an intention to begin to develop heightened self confidence, increased sensuality and ease in your body.

When we risk trying something new and different, we free ourselves up to discover new ways of being. The collective energy of the tribe can hold you up when you feel down. From raucous music to whole hearted sharing, we take ourselves to the next level. For more information and to sign up click here.