Sensual Yoga Leadership Training for Women

More than just a yoga teacher training… this is a training for your life!

  • Join a circle of women who want to live with purpose and power
  • Learn how to sequence and facilitate a resonant Sensual Yoga class
  • Commit to developing heightened self confidence, increased sensuality, comfort with and ease in your body, and discover new ways to communicate with and love your body and your movement
  • Learn to embody and send the world a clear message about what you want, deserve, and have to offer
  • Work with your skill as an empath to hold safe space for yourself and others
  • Learn to curate a provocative playlist by “listening” with your body
  • Begin to create rituals and ceremony in your daily life
  • Let your hair down, emancipate your hips and free your Tantric shakti!

Cultivate Shakti with Sensual Yoga Leadership Training

When a group of powerful like-minded women from different walks come together, the room vibrates with energy. This is Shakti. According to yogic philosophy, Shakti is the energy of the feminine force; she is pure embodiment and the dance of life. Embrace Shakti and prepare for transformation…

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Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) can receive up to 25 hours of continuing education credits from this course: 20 Contact Hours and 5 Non-Contact Hours. The five non-contact hours will involve a combination of the following: extra reading, creating a full Sensual Yoga class with playlist, sequence and theme, and may include teaching a Sensual Yoga class.

Thank you to the SY Leaders in my first class!
Next Training -> Fall 2017
Let me know if you’re interested.